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About College:



Education is an important process in mans life. It is through education ones all round development can be accomplished. Without education man would remain speechless, thoughtless & uncivilized. Education enable the educate to satisfy his biological, social, psychological, economical, ethical, spiritual needs. It gives new shape to a learner,In brief education plays a pivotal role in guiding future generation to keep pace with fast challenging global scenario. To guide the teachers mould the pillars & future generation.

We at the om sai college of education shirsoli, jalgaon make good plan & work hard to train such futures teaches so that they can mould youthful minds into a creative society. The college is committed to provide innovative contemporary & skilled based education of globalize slandered to its teacher trainees. The academic life is disciplincol. With a burning desire to excel in goals the well experienced, distinguished & highly qualified teaching staff is dedicated to prepare dynamic & competent teacher in tune with the latest friends in the field of education.

The college has its back bone in excellent infrastructure, the teaching laboratories, & general facilities amongst them. There is perfect co-operation & co ordination for in between management, principal & staff. The Jai durga bhawani krida mandal has created a favoureble nouirishing climate to maintain the quality of education. The support staff is dedicated. Pupil teaches are encoveraged to work in collaboration. The emphasis is on innovative teaching strategies that provide experimental learning through project work, discussions, & case studies. Going beyond academic excellence, co-curricular activities are organized on regular basis in college with a focus on human values.
I invite all, those who can visualize future challenges & wish to join the institution. I commits with all, best efforts in preparing world class professionals who will win the race & reach the highs in competitive environment & give good account of themselves in achieving goals of institution.

I would like to extend my best wishes to staff &student for showing commend as performance. & lastly a hearty welcome to budding teachers into our portals of Om Sai college of education shirsoli jalgaon.